Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Called to serve

I received my mission call on February 20th, 2015 whilst studying at Brigham Young University.

I teared up the second I picked it up from the mail room. However, I had to wait for a few hours to open it because I had to go take a missionary preparation test in the testing center!
My mission call sat on my desk as I tried to concentrate for my upcoming test. 

The printers had stopped working at the testing center and the line was long. Luckily after mentioning my mission call opening to those in line, they offered to let me go first once the printers were working again so I could make it home in time to open my call.

Friends from all over the world were there, including a childhood friend, a sister missionary that served in my home stake, friends from my ward, my roommates and my best friend (who finished a big work project early so he could be there). My family and grandparents were on FaceTime so they could be there and they even stayed up until 1 a.m. to be there!

Without further ado, Here it is! (Excuse the crying/giggling/jumping up and down/screaming)

I have been called to serve in the Czech/Slovak mission, Czech speaking and report to the MTC on June 24th 2015! 

I started jumping up and down the second I read my mission! Surprisingly out of all the guesses on the map behind me, nobody guessed my mission! 

I am so excited to serving the Lord and the people in the Czech Republic so soon! 

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