Sister Missionary advice

I may not be very experienced just yet but this is a simple list of advice I have received and learned for myself: 

- Bring photos from home. Everyone is going to want to see your family and learn about your life before your mission. It will open doors and discussions and let you bear your testimony in ways you never have before

- If you don't talk to the person across the street, the answer is already no. 

- Always go for comfort over fashion. You're there to teach and preach, not look like a supermodel. 

- You can pray too little but you can never pray too much 

- Treat your mission companion like you will one day treat your spouse 

- Be the kind of Missionary that when your feet hit the floor in the morning the devil says "Oh no! She's up!" 

- Smile to at least six strangers each day. You never know how much they need it 

- Remember why you came on a mission! Sometimes that's what will keep you going 

- Learn how to explain the gospel in simple terms. 

- Always bear testimony 

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