Friday, January 13, 2017

Last Letter: 9 January 2017

Dear all,

Transfers happened this week. I am excited for my reassignment to the Birmingham England Mission (ha ha) and look forward for further lessons with various missionaries and investigators. I look forward to wearing my name tag on my heart instead of on my shirt. 

I love my mission so much! I have really been reflecting upon all that I have been able to do over the last nineteen months and I am so happy to say that although not all of these experiences have been the best in my life, because they have been hard and taught me the best lessons ever, but they have been the best nineteen months for my life. 

I know that I have met the people that were prepared to hear the message of the restored gospel through broken but bold Czech by a nineteen/ twenty year old sister missionary. I have been humbled by the spirit and also by those around me because of the examples and their love. I have come the leave my heart in a country and with people that I once never knew existed. I love the Lord so much. I know that He lives and loves us. This is His church and His plan.

This week we had the opportunity to teach a young girl named Andrejka. Her grandma is a member here and she will be turning eight this year. She is usually a crazy wild young girl but as we taught her, her heart was softened by the Spirit and we had such a sweet experience seeing her eyes light up as we testified of the Saviour and the restoration of His church. 

The people I have served here have become my best friends. I know that all the sweet sisters that I have served with were not only my sisters as companions but are now my sisters forever in the faith. They have helped me, supported me and changed me. 

I know that all is inspired. My mission presidents have been inspired men of God and as I have followed their counsel, I have seen miracles unfold themselves before my eyes. 

I know that we can truly become white through our Saviour Jesus Christ. I have come to understand his atonement and his love for us. I know that His gift for us is real and true.

I know that the work and the honour that I have had to serve here and love those around me has changed me and helped me to become more like Christ. This is my life pursuit and I look forward to holding on the iron rod, holding tight, knuckles white.

How great is my calling!

S laskou,

sestra Manners 

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