Monday, February 15, 2016

Letter: 13 February 2016

I am loving my mission! It truly is like a fairy-tale some days and today was definitely like a fairy tale! 

We went on another vylet, that is the Czech word for an outing. We went to Kutna Hora and saw some beautiful churches.

They included a beautiful stained glass church built in 1388 and a church decorated with over 40000 bones from the black plague. 

I remember hearing about the two of these a lot when I was in the MTC so it was really fun being able to finally see them.  We got there by train and it was a lot like the train from Harry Potter! I loved it! 

This week feels like it went by in a flash and I often wish that time would just slow down a little. We had the most exciting days that included finding out that I will be getting one of my wisdom teeth out this next week, getting lost in the middle of Prague as we tried to find less actives and having such spiritual experiences as I testified to people on the street about our Saviour. 

The dentists here are very modern with good machines to look at my teeth!
I had one really awesome experience! we were contacting as a district and I stopped a young man that had already talked to an elder. I thought he would keep walking but he was intrigued as to why I was here on my mission and I so passionately loved my Saviour. We talked for over half an hour on a square about all sorts things related to the Gospel and I loved it! I could feel the spirit so strongly and I know he felt it too and he looked into my eyes and I told him that he could come to know that these things are true, too.

I love being a missionary!

S laskou,
Sestra Manners 


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