Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Letter: 21 March 2016

The world is coming back to life again after a cold winter! Colours are shining, flowers are blooming and the Czechs are having Easter markets everywhere. 

New socks!

(They are getting ready to whip their women on Easter while the girls are getting ready to pour buckets of water on the men the Monday after!! I love my mission culture!)

Spring is here and the sun is shining and it is wonderful!! We are loving the weather and went to a beautiful little city today! I actually thought of a few spiritual insights from i that I would like to share.

We were walking through this gorgeous town called Cesky Krumlov after a week filled with goodness and hard times. It reminded me of the beauty in the world. Although we have hard times and trials, they all combine together to paint a beautiful painting. Like the city had lots of colors but also shades but together they were krasny! (Pretty!)

Also we walked across this lovely castle and some bridges. On one side the view was rather plain but then we turned around and it was WUNDERBAR!!!!! (that is not Czech). It reminded me that we need to look at both sides of what Heavenly Father has given us. Things can be hard but depending on our attitude, they can either be beautiful or plain. Try to find the miracles and look for the breath taking views in what the Lord has given you.

I am so excited for this next weekend because it is Easter!!!! We can celebrate our Saviour and Lord and all that he has done for us. As we have been asking a lot of people this question this past week, I would like to ask you to ask yourself, too! Who is Jesus Christ for you? What does His atonement mean for you?

I know that as you ponder these questions, they can help your testimony to grow.

I love you all and testify that Jesus is the Christ.

S laskou,

Sestra Manners 

Here are some extra photos:

It snowed last week!

The Czech Republic finally has green hymn books!  (The English ones were published in 1985!)

A favourite meal, a bread dumpling which is sliced and served with meat and gravy.

Serving suggestion!
Luckily our teaching appointment did not disturb the gamblers in the room.

What a view!  And the scenery wasn't bad either!  (ha ha)

Our happy gang!

It's spring!!!!

Same view but more sensible.....

Delicious green mush!

Gifts from our investigator (she is Catholic if you could not tell)

Our little church building (next to a bra shop!)

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