Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Letter: 7 March 2016

I love my mission!! Things are so different here but I am loving them :)

It really did start off strange when I was on a train by myself for what felt like forever but I loved CBud the minute I got here. It has such character and I know that I am needed here. I think I met most of the members before sacrament on Sunday and I love them already. 

I am so excited about our investigators that have so much potential! we are teaching this young woman named Zuzka who really accepts all that we have taught her already and is very spiritual. She has even accepted the commitment to be baptized! The only problem is that she wants to be baptized just like Jesus Christ- in the river Jordan in Israel and by someone that looks a lot like John the Baptist! We are trying to help her understand why baptism the ordinance is important and not the exact place. That is what our next lesson will include which will be this evening so we will see how that goes!

We also had quite the adventure on Tuesday night. Sister Birkeland needed to pick up some things before she left from the chapel and when we got there, we noticed it smelt like smoke and there were clothes in the kitchen and some shoes! She found two people sleeping in the primary room! We quickly left the building and called the elders who came to see what was going on. They went and talked to the people in the building who said they had gotten the keys from a less active  and we asked her to come over and speak with them .she came but said she did not know them and did not know how they had a copy of the keys since she was holding her keys in her hand! They have not been back since though. President Ambroz (branch president) said we will be getting the locks changed soon.

We own the same clothes, completely a coincidence!
We also had a really neat experience this week! We felt prompted to talk to a lady on a bench who looked really sad and was having a bad day so we testified to her, talked to her and even asked if we could hug her. We felt like she needed some cheering up and realizing that we were close to home thought that we could bring her a flower from our apartment to cheer her up. We did not find her when we returned but Sister DeMann (She is a doll by the way! I love being able to see her grow each day) felt like we should call a less active and see if we could stop by and say hello. He has been sick, battling cancer and had not been to church at all that last transfer. We called and he said he was not home but that we could stop by. and the we turned around and he was there in the park! We met with him later that week and talked and invited him to church. He said he could not come because of health but would be willing to meet again next week. But he came to church!!! It was amazing! We included him in our fast and it really did work! We are seeing our prayers answered all the time.

I know that Jesus is the Christ and that He lives and loves us. I love being bale to testify of Him each and every day.

S laskou,
Sestra Manners

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