Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Letter: 16 May 2016

Dear all,

This email is coming to you from a sister missionary that is now serving in the Czech Prague stake!!!!! We now have a stake in the Czech Republic!!!!! It was the most incredible weekend of my mission ever! President Uchtdorf told us that we will always remember this day (yesterday when he formed a stake in our mission).

It was such a spiritually uplifting weekend. President Uchtdorf came to preside and we had the privilege of hearing from him on Saturday and Sunday. He is such an incredible man! He was born in the Czech Republic so it was very special for the members to have him there.

I also got see all of my mission companions in one day because both Sestra DuBois and Sestra Daugirda were there! It was so special! I love all of my companions so dearly and have shared so many incredible experiences that are hard to put into words. I also saw so many wonderful members that I love and am so grateful to be serving in a mission where that is possible. The Lord has blessed me so much!

One of our dear friends that we teach was also baptised this weekend! His name is Tomas and he is our primary child!!! (We are the primary presidency in this branch!) and it was such a wonderful start to a beautiful weekend to see him make his first covenant with God. I have loved teaching this kid. He has a fireball of a testimony and enough energy that will help him serve a great mission in years to come!

The whole experience helped me to realize how much I love my mission. I love these members so much and it has been an absolute honour to serve amongst them. I am grateful for the opportunity I have each day to share my testimony and to help others to come unto Christ.

A unique experience for me happened on Saturday after our adult meeting. Sister Hill and I had the pleasure of meeting sister Uchtdorf. I got to speak a little German to her and she kindly spoke with us for just a few seconds but they were incredible. She encouraged me to keep doing the wonderful job that I am doing and gave us both a big warm hug.

I am so grateful for spiritual experiences that help me to know that this is true. The spirit is such a marvelous gift from our Father in Heaven.

I know that this church is true with all my heart. Jesus is the Christ.

S laskou,

Sestra Manners

P.S.  Thought you would all get a laugh out of seeing these attempts to take a "jumping picture" where we were off the ground..... these both failed!

 Better luck next time!

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