Thursday, May 5, 2016

Letter: 3 May 2016


A mission baby... no need to worry everyone :) 

I will be training this transfer and I am sooo excited!!!! It will be magnificent and she is coming here on my birthday!! So I get to be in Prague for my birthday and get an awesome birthday present!!

We ended our prayer challenge with Kata by fasting about baptism. The spirit was so strong!!! I love being a missionary! We got to start our fast by praying outside together and then each having our own individual prayers. We were in a park and spread out a little (we were still in sight and sound) so we could pray out loud. I haven't really done that much on my mission since I am always with my companion and it was so nice!! I loved being in nature and could feel the spirit so strongly! It helped me prepare for this transfer and helped me to find more ways in which I can improve.

Jesus Loves you!!!

S laskou,

sestra Manners 


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