Monday, October 17, 2016

Letter: 10 October 2016

Dear all,

I loved this week! We finally got to see conference since it is translated a week later in to Czech. We got to watch it in English since it is always best to hear in your first language but the ward watched it in the next room in Czech. I loved seeing the Czech saints so faithfully come to church on Sunday when there was a big marathon being held outside. Nothing will stop them! They are the best examples for me! 

Our district on P-Day

Conference was amazing and I feel like it went by so fast! I wish I could watch it all over again and take notes even more. I know that It helped me a lot to know that I need to be here and just be the best missionary I can be. I also love how bold everyone was in declaring repentance. I know that we can use the power of the atonement in our lives more and more each day to repent of the little things and let our weakness turn into strengths. I have seen that happen daily as I try to speak Czech and I am patient and rely on the Lord, He softens the hearts of others to understand what I say and how much I love what I share. I definitely have so much that I would like to apply from conference to myself and to how I am as a missionary of the Lord. Like trying to love others even more and have love be the motive behind all that I do. I know that as I focus on loving those we teach, I will have a greater desire to help them and serve them. I also really liked what was mentioned about the Book of Mormon. I want to start reading the Book of Mormon again but really read it as if it were for the first time, taking careful note of everything I read, so that I may more fully understand how those we teach are feeling as they also read it for the first time. 

I love being able to talk with the sisters in our mission each week. They truly are inspiring! They are all doing great and their faith and courage helps me want to become a better person. I love how the fearlessly go out and talk to everyone they can. 

Sister Baxter and I are trying to be bolder and just be the best missionaries we can be. This week as we talked to people, we tried to more simply share our testimonies with them and testify on the streets and in the trains and buses. It was funny that as we talked to a young man about hope using a survey that we made, he thought we were a TV crew and was looking for the camera. We just looked confident in what we were doing. it ended into a beautiful conversation about our heavenly father and we were able to share our testimonies with him. I love getting to know the Czech people and they have stolen my heart. 

We visited a sweet member this week named Sestra Vokalova and she made us laugh so hard!
I know the Gospel is true and that God lives. Jesus is the Christ!

S laskou,
Sestra Manners 

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