Monday, October 3, 2016

Letter: 3 October 2016

Dear all,

So much has happened this week and there just isn't enough time for me to type it all out or for you to read so I would love to share some of my highlights with you: 

On Tuesday, we had the chance to teach a man from Romania that we had met last week miraculously just from going out and talking on the street after coming back from an exchange. We really wanted to teach with a member and it is perfect that we have a recent convert named Gabriel that is also from Romania! Except there was one catch: Ondra only spoke English and Romanian and Gabriel only speaks Czech and Romanian. so we had to translate the lesson the entire time to make sure everyone understood and yet it was so spiritual. I think it showed me that the spirit really is universal. We just shared our testimonies and tried to keep it very basic and focus on our relationship with God. I know that the lesson was lead by the Spirit because I feel that I learned so much more than we even taught Ondra! He is so prepared and was excited to come to church as well. He has not been baptised but comes from a orthodox family and said such a heartfelt prayer at the end of the lesson. Even though it was in Romanian, I could feel that it meant a lot to him that he could speak with our Heavenly Father. 

We loved being in Prague for conferences! I feel like our training went really well and the Lord helped us a lot. My favorite part was when we invited everyone to go out and talk to people and on Tuesday I had the chance to be with Sierra and it us so exciting that she will be serving here so soon! She was amazing and I loved getting to take her contacting for the first time ever. She really did not know what to expect but loved sharing her testimony with others. She is going to be a great missionary and I felt so privileged to see the future of our mission.

I also loved being able to be on exchanges with the sisters in Prague. We spent most of our time on the streets and metros talking to people and the sisters really are on fire. They love talking to people and even though metro contacting is new for them, they are doing great. sister Heap and I had an awesome lesson with a  young woman from Russia on the metro and were even able to open the Book of Mormon up and read with her. I could feel the spirit, even when we were traveling at a high speed! The Spirit is just unstoppable! 

I love my calling and i love my mission so much!!!

s laskou,

sestra Manners 

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