Thursday, September 29, 2016

Letter: 26 September 2016

Dear all,

Time seriously just gets faster and faster! I think it is running faster than me and sister Baxter when we exercise in the morning! I love being a missionary and it feels like a dream come true to just be here and work and serve the Lord by talking to others and helping them come closer to Christ. It really is the easiest and yet also the hardest thing I have ever done. People seem to be so amazed that we can speak Czech and be here but they just do not understand how much to Lord is helping us. He truly is by our side each and every day!

We loved being able to spend time with the sister in Plzen and they are doing great, getting adjusted to being in a brand new city and sister Miller has been such a great help to sister Andersen. She really lifts her spirit and encourages her. 

I loved being back in a city that had trams and being able to talk to people so easily as we traveled to places. Sister Andersen and I also tried to visit one of their investigators who is married to a member and they live in a little village and we got off at the wrong bus stop (the driver had told us wrong) and we ended up walking through villages to get to the right place, only coming an hour and a half late! But the family were happy to see us there and they were surprised that they were so important to us. I think it helped them gain our trust very quickly. Petra, the investigator asked why she wasn't baptised yet and it was great!! Such a miracle! The sister there are already seeing so many miracles happen and we were happy to hear that they are already having success with some of the people we meet with them on the streets. One of them even brought their friend!

Pardubice is doing great, too! Desmond prayed about his baptismal date since we wanted him to have the full responsibility. He prayed and feels like the 15th of October is a great date so we will help him to be as prepared as possible for that. We had a really great lesson with him this week when we simply read out of the book of Mormon with him, reading Moroni 6 and focusing on sacrament meeting. It was very spiritual and we all left the lesson feeling uplifted and inspired. we hope the missionaries will feel the same way this week after our training about faith. Sister Baxter and I are focusing on making our lessons short but powerful since our time is so precious and so far it is going great.

This week we really saw how diligence makes a big difference and I feel like that is what Elder Uchtdorf focused a lot of in his talk at the women's conference this past weekend. We got back from a long day of traveling on Friday and were tired but decided to go out and talk to people about the gospel before we had a lesson with Lucia and her darling kids. As we simply talked to people around us we were able to teach a young man from Romania all about the Book of Mormon, using the pictures and sharing our testimony and now we are going to be teaching him even more! It was a miracle and a blessing from being diligent, despite challenges.

I know that this work is true! I live it and love it!

s laskou,

sestra Manners

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