Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Letter: 5 September 2016

Dear all,

This week has been incredible! 

We had the funniest experience this week. We received a call from a man that we contacted last week, he met the elders about two years ago and gave them his card and nobody had called until last week. What a blessing from going through the area book! He asked us if we could travel to his home to meet with him and we told him that we would only met with him in a public area and he still agreed so we went. We met this young man probably in his late twenties named Radek and he seemed really nice. He brought his dog, too. We started teaching him and he told us that his dad worshiped the devil and our lesson got really weird and we both didn't feel right (it was the gift of discernment by the Spirit). We told him we had to leave and he respected that but we will not be meeting with him anymore. (One example of how it got strange was when he asked us if we could take our nametags off when we met with him) 

However on our way to him, as we were traveling on the bus I sat next to  cute young mom holding a baby. She was on the phone so I smiled and waited and when she hung up, we had a great lesson! Her name is Talia and she has three kids and she and her husband are from Armenia. She in the end asked us if we could meet again! We are so excited. We actually ran into her this morning as sister Boza and I were dropping her off at the train station. What a miracle! She is really excited to meet with us and they are having some financial problems that we know can be helped and strengthened by with faith in Christ. 

Desmond has a baptism date of 25 Sept!

We also had the most wonderful opportunity to attend the temple dedication here in Prague for the Freiberg temple. I felt so blessed! 

The Spirit was so strong and I loved being able to understand everything in German and then again as it was translated into Czech. What a miracle! We also had the opportunity to watch the cultural celebration and it was so great!!! We had so many youth participate and I loved seeing so many that we recognized. We were cheering for them like we would cheer watching FIFA at home. 

I am looking forward to a new transfer here in Parduibce with Sestra Baxter, She is a sweetheart from Paradise, Utah and we have been wanting to serve together for a long time! I am excited!! 

My new companion, Sister Baxter!

S laskou,

sestra Manners 


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