Monday, September 12, 2016

Letter: 12 September 2016

Dear all,

Time flies by so fast! This week has been so great and we have seen many miracles as a result of just speaking to everyone we can. We found some really sweet investigators because we tried to talk to everyone we could and we varied where we went finding and what we would approach people with. 

I would like to share just two short examples:

We decided to go family history finding this week and we talked to many people about doing a family history pedigree chart but we felt like we were not having very much success but we felt prompted to continue forward and go down a street that we did not plan to walk down. As we did so, we spoke to a young mom on a park bench waiting for her kids to finish school. Her name is Lucia and she is from Slovakia. She took a blank family tree sheet and just started to fill it in as we spoke with her. Her kids came out of the school building and it felt as if we had been friends for years. She even asked us to sit on the bench with her while she could tell us about her family. She has had a really hard life. She was in a come just over five years ago and completely forgot everything, how to talk, walk, eat. But she remembered that she had children and they have been the most important thing to her ever since. She is a great mom and has an incredible story that we know can be helped by the gospel. We already had our first lesson with her yesterday and we went over to her little panalak, which is very close to our apartment, and helped her to start her own FamilySearch account. We are taking things slow with her but I feel such a sense of peace and tranquility when we are with her. I know that Heavenly Father loves her. She even prayed with us at the end of the meeting and said a beautiful sincere prayer.  God sent us down that unplanned path so that we could meet her and help give her hope. We are also going over this evening to talk more about the plan of salvation.

Another miracle we saw came when one day we had nothing planned but contacting after we got back from the Toronto project and even though we were tired and not feeling our best, i knew we would be blessed as we went out and spoke with others about Christ. We headed towards the train station and spoke to everyone we could and although it seemed like there were not many people on the streets, we had some great little lessons as we simply asked people what gave them joy. Many spoke of their families and nature and we were able to talk about the creation and Christ. We walked past a man smoking on his break from working in a pizza place and he invited us in and we sat down and had a great lesson. He moved here from Syria ten years ago and is Muslim. But he was very interested to hear about what we do and ¨why we are here and we keep on seeing him. As we walked home yesterday from church, we saw him again and helped him find the Book of Mormon in Arabic on his phone to read. He even keeps trying to send us away with pizza! He is very kind.

Desmond is also doing very well. He was not able to come to church this week because he went to Prague to pick a friend from the airport. We will be speaking about Sabbath day importance in our next lesson. We also decided together with Desmond that the 24th of September was a good date for his baptism as he needs to attend church a few more times before he can be ready. We explained that as this is a life long and beyond commitment, it is better for him to go to church a few more times.

Sister Hill is now training a new missionary (which makes me a mission grandma!)

We had the privilege to be as part of the Wallace Toronto Project, which is named after a past mission president and is a mission wide service project held annually near a branch or ward in the mission to help the community and work together as saints to do good. 

We helped make envelopes as part of helping a charity called life without barriers, which helps those with disabilities to live a good life. The elders worked on ripping out old doors and glass from a building nearby that the charity will use to do training. It was such a blessing and my highlight was just getting to know the members more and being able to see and meet so many people I had heard about, including missionaries from the past.

Sister Baxter and I also made our transfer vision and we want to focus on becoming firm dedicated disciples of Christ. We are loving to so far!

What a blessing it is to be a Czech Slovak missionary!

I know that this work is true and that Christ truly is with us.

s laskou,

sestra Manners

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