Monday, October 17, 2016

Letter: 17 October 2016

Dear All,

This week really went by so fast! Sometimes sister Baxter and I feel like we are running around so fast but we love being busy and working with people we are coming to love more and more each day (including the sisters) and we truly can see the Lord's hand in our lives. He definitely does 95% of the work, the spirit does the other 4% and we do 1%! But that one percent is the best that we can give. 

I really loved being able to learn from the sister training leaders in Slovakia this week. They taught us so much! Sister Ross dreamed of being able to serve together ever since we were in the MTC together and that dream was fulfilled this week! It was really nice to work with someone older in the mission like me and bounce off of each others ideas and thoughts.  Sister Ross taught me a great lesson: that we are not expected to give the best energy and effort that we can at the end of our mission but we are expected to give our all that is enough. My all can sometimes feel less than it was a few transfers ago when I had a ton of energy all the time but I know that as I do the best I can that day, that is all that matters. Heavenly Father is really helping me to understand how the atonement of Christ can help me to give my all each day as Christ makes up for the rest. What a blessing!

I also love finding moments to laugh about each day. Life really is made for us to have joy! some moments that still make me smile include when a man from Asia who did not speak Czech answered back to me when we tried to talk to him: brambory!!! over and over again and he smiled the whole time and we just laughed together. Other moments include when we are with members and we do not understand each others Czech and we just end up laughing together.  sister Baxter and I find more reason to love the work we do and the people we serve more and more every day, even the random people on the street who have really funny response when we try to talk to them about the gospel. 

We went to help the youth at an Indexing activity!

A true miracle has happened just yesterday! we found a way to help Lucia get to church.   A member, just bought a car and has room to take them to church so we will invite her this week and make sure that she goes! she has been wanting to go for a long time but has not been able to for health reasons (take the train). We are glad that the member was inspired to buy a new car! He is very happy to help! 

Desmond also didn’t come to church again this week but we had a really good talk with him and he really wants to be baptized so we said that he very realistically could be baptized in about a month and now he is preparing for the 19.11.16 as a baptismal date! We hope that all will go well and will really try to emphasize baptism with him.

We visited the sisters serving in Slovakia!

All is well and we are excited to go on exchanges in Ceske Budejoivice this week and see all the people that I came to love so much there.

This work is true and it is led by God!

s laskou, 

sestra Manners

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