Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Letter: 14 November 2016

Dear all,

This week has been great! Even though it has definitely been different coming to an area where we are starting from the bottom and building it up, sister Taylor and I have had a lot of really good experiences. I would love to share a few with you. 

First of all, we made a great transfer vision, focusing on becoming the fourth missionary (we based it from a talk called "The fourth missionary") and we decided to focus on just making the most out of every moment. something that we are doing as a district to prepare for Christmas is that we are memorizing the Living Christ. I did it last year and it really helped me to strengthen my testimony of the Saviour and share my love for Him and so I know it will bless the people here this year and we do the same thing. I am memorizing it in English again with Sestra Taylor and then also in Czech. I am sure it will broaden my vocabulary a lot! 

We also had a really fun little lesson on the bus yesterday in which we met a young man traveling to a hockey game and so we liked the plan of salvation unto hockey (for example we said that our coach is Heavenly Father and although he is far away, he can speak to us through his headset or the Holy Ghost). It really helped the young man named Jakub to smile and feel how important he is. I love seeing those we meet and share our testimonies with leave with a smile!

I also loved meeting the branch members yesterday. It really reminded me a lot of Ceske Budejovice, since there were only 15 members there but they are all incredible. It was probably the best Relief Society I had been to since all the woman are th best of friends and the members are very willing to help teach with us. We even have an elder member, Brat Lev helping us with our Czech this week. What a blessing that will be! Also people here really struggle to understand my Czech (I wounder If I sound too Bohemian or if I am just tongue twisted but it has made contacting fun! People really have to listen to what I say so they tend to listen for longer. I take it  as a blessing!) 

The miracle of the week happened when we called a woman named Radka. She was someone that the sisters found a few months ago and has not had any time to meet. however, she came this past Friday! We had the most spiritual lesson with her! she just opened up to us all about her life, how she just lost her job and feels alone, how she has lost her parents and wonders if she will ever be able to be with them again. she just kept telling us her worries and we just listened by the spirit and testified to her. She told us how she worries if she is worthy to be with her family again because she has made a lot of mistakes and it was such a powerful feeling of peace and love that overcame us as we told her about the Plan of salvation and told her about the atonement. since she is already a believer, we invited her to start reading the Book of Mormon and praying to Heavenly Father, since she usually would just say the typical Catholic prayer.  She told us that she knew she was not ready to meet with the sisters when she me them months ago but that this was the right time. We knew that Heavenly Father had this all planned and we told her and all shared tears together. The gospel is just so incredible and we know that it will help Radka. Radke could not come to church this week but we pray for her every prayer and hope all will go well! 

Sister Taylor and I are looking forward to all we will do this week! We are going to start a German class this week as well! We are doing well together and notice that the more we find to laugh about, the more fun we have in the work (like tracting last night and meeting a man that was not wearing pants (I had sister Taylor stare at the ceiling) and meeting another man that wanted to invite us in for beer (we invited him to church and he declined and closed the door. I love being bold!!).

All is so well!

s laskou,

sestra Manners

P.S.  Here are photos of my new 6th floor apartment.

A large walk-in closet!

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