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Letter: 7 November 2016

Dear all, 

Today is a transfer day and guess what... I got transferred!! New adventures begin now! 

Well I never thought I would serve in Jihlava! It has been a great surprise. I think I am already seeing how I can help this area grow and be on fire. It sounds like there will be a lot of opportunities to work with the members and help them gain the trust of the missionaries again. I was definitely sad to leave Pardubice, since it is so full of great memories with members and lessons we have taught. But I loved leaving, feeling like I did exactly what I needed to when I was there. We had a great week! 

Jihlava is a little city in south Moravia, pretty much on the other side of Pardubice, going south. It is super cute and people here seem so friendly so far. I am serving with Sestra Taylor, who is in her second transfer and is an awesome missionary. I am follow up training her, but I feel like she is the one that will be follow up training me. She is great! We will work hard and see miracles happen this transfer. Get ready to hear all about them!! ​

Having a last drive with the Elders in their car before my transfer

First off, we found so many new people to teach! And quite a few of them were because Of Desmond. When Sister DeMann and I were on exchanges together, we went and visited Desmond even though he did not answer his phone because I felt like we should go. We got all the way to his room but I felt doubtful about knocking. sister DeMann and I said a prayer, and then she bravely knocked on the door. He answered and his friend was there, they were both watching a football match. Standing in the doorway, we were able to share a spiritual thought with him and his friend listened a little but kept his distance. We just smiled and then started up a conversation. His name is Ben and he arrived here from Ghana only a few weeks ago. He is a christian and he wanted some help with Czech. We planned to meet on Saturday. We ¨had the sweetest little lesson ever! We simply shared our testimonies and talked about prayer and the Book of Mormon and he had so many questions! He asked about living prophets in today's day and asked about revelation and the Book of Mormon and he ís so so golden!!! He will be a such a blessing to this area and we are excited to continue to meet and study with him. I could feel the Spirit so strongly as we talked and I could see the light of Christ in his eyes. Ben is a true miracle! 

Traveling to Stake Conference on Sunday in Prague

After our lesson with Ben, we went to teach another man from Ghana named Justice. Justice was quite the opposite from Ben. As we were teaching him, we got our transfer call which was super funny! But as we met with him, he brought his girlfriend and they both had a lot to say against the book of Mormon. We really wanted to read 2 Nephi 29 with them but we thought they might get offended, so we decided we will share that on another day. However, despite all the opposition and them telling us that we were wrong to believe in the Book of Mormon, I could not deny that the book of Mormon is true. I know it with all my heart and I learned that it is exactly moments like this that help us see our testimony and recognize the seed we have planted within our hearts. I know the Gospel is true! 

We also had the opportunity to meet with a potential named Roman that the Elders found when we contacted here together. He is such a sweet man trying to find a new start in life and would love to get baptised. He asked for our help on Saturday with writing some addresses on envelopes since he has bad handwriting. Of course we helped and he wanted to thank us by taking us to McDonalds. That is never a good idea at 8 o'clock in the morning. He got us burgers which we had to kindly eat and then we taught him about the gospel. It was the most spiritual meeting I had ever had in a fast food restaurant, where despite not feeling well because of the burgers, we felt so spiritually well! He has decide that he wants to be baptised but since he cannot come to HK for two years for legal reasons, he is planning to be baptised in the year 2018. We are very sure that he will be prepared for his baptismal date! 

Eating 'svickova' on the train with Sister DeMann!

I also loved being bale to have my last exchange as sister training leader with Sestra DeMann. It was so memorable! We were riding home around dinner time on the train, so we crossed something off of our missionary bucket list and had svickova on the train! We also got to meet with Risma, our dear friend who works at a kebab shop. I felt prompted to visit him  even though he hasn't been reading in the Book of Mormon and as we were there talking to him, his coworker walks in. she commented and said that our little accents when we speak Czech were cute and she asked us why we were here. We took this as an opportunity to tech her about the gospel and learned more about her. Her name is Eva and she has a twelve year old son. She is baptised but did not want to bapitise her son as an infant because she wants it to be his decision. She is so golden!! The sisters in Pardubice will start meeting with her and teaching her and her son as a family. What a blessing!! so much good is happening in our mission as we work with the Lord.

I also felt so honored to attend stake conference yesterday. Tears and the Spirit overwhelmed me as I saw so many young men stand up to prepare to be ordained to the Melchizedek priesthood. What a blessing! I truly love my mission with all my heart. I know this is exactly where the Lord needs me to be. I also loved seeing all those primary children sing a song in Czech! We are so blessed to have so many incredible pioneer members in this part of the world. I know the Lord loves his Czech saints. 

Me and Sister Taylor at the church building in Jihlava

I am excited to be here with sister Taylor and just work hard and get Jihlava on fire. I would like to focus on member missionary work and talking to everyone we see. I have loved the people we have met today and I love seeing how sister Taylor is doing so well already as a young missionary. It is so great to see her grow and love her mission since I was in her spot exactly this time last year. Missions are amazing!!

I know this work is true and that God lives.

s laskou,

sestra Manners 

Me and Sister Taylor in Jihlava!

P.S.  If you want to see our Pardubice Branch Talent Show, it is now on YouTube at this link:
We sing a song in the middle and do a comedy act near the end.

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