Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Letter: 31 October 2016

Dear all,
This week has been full of miracles! We were so thrilled that we got to train again in Prague for zone conference and it went so well. It seems that if we have some sort of theme behind training, we remember it a lot more so using a recipe to train about how to use preach my gospel better really helped us! We already saw the sisters using it that we went on exchanges with this week. 

I love being able to help the sisters love and grow and we had the privilege to go on two exchanges this week. From Tuesday after zone conference to Wednesday, we were with the mlada boleslav sestry in their area and we had a great time just working hard and teaching people on the street. We got stuck in Prague for a while after training since they had to get their winter tyres put on so we had a blast just contacting in Prague. The real adventure was when we tried to get the air in their tires pumped at a few gas stations and finally found some helping hands who were angels for us that evening.

I got a lovely package from the Burton ward primary!  If you zoom in to the picture and read the text, it is very cleverly completed by the names of the chocolate bars.

I got to be with Sister Harrington when we were in mlada boleslav and she is on fire! although this may be her first transfer, she is doing great and loves mission life! I loved hearing about how much she already loves her mission and those they are teaching. She told me that things really are not as hard as she thought they would be so she is super happy with mission life.

On Wednesday we then met the sister from Liberec and I continued onward to Liberec with sestra Witzel who is a wonderful missionary. She just wants to work hard and constantly asked me for ways in which she could improve but she just kept me in awe. Liberec is a gorgeous city and I loved meeting so many people as we walked through the gorgeous little town set next to beautiful mountains. The people there stole my heart! I loved talking with them about prayer, something that sestra Witzel felt inspired for us to share with people. We met some great children of God and hopefully the sestry there will be able to continue working with them. 

Liberec is a beautiful city with amazing buildings.

When Sestra Baxter and I were in our area here in Pardubice, we worked together to get this place on fire. We are trying to just talk to everyone we can and we met some wonderful people as we were on our way to a lesson with Desmond. Desmond is doing great but he is struggling to come to church since he is a poor college student. However, we have a great member who will be able to take him whenever he is in town. We had a wonderful lesson of just reading in the Book of Mormon with him (something we talked about at zone conference that we are trying to do more) and we could feel the spirit strongly as we testified of godś love for us and how he helps us to keep our commitments (we read about the stripling warriors and the importance of covenant keeping). Desmond is doing great and looks forward to his baptism! He even introduced us to his friend as we were there and we will begin to teach him. His name is Justice and he has a copy of the Book of Mormon as well. 

For Halloween, Sister Baxter and I dressed up as each other!

As we walked to talk to Desmond, we met another man from Ghana named George. It was his first week in the country and he was looking for somewhere to go to church. We of course invited him and he came! He even took notes during all hours of church and came to lunch with the Holts afterwards. He is excited to meet with us this week and learn more about the gospel. He is a true miracle to us! We know that God is in the work and continues to guide us in the right direction. 

I know that God lives and loves us and that this is His work. He will never leave our side.

s laskou,

Sestra Manners 


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