Monday, December 19, 2016

Letter: 19 December 2016

Dear all,

This week flew by faster than the snow came in last night! I love working hard and making the time matter most. It feels so great to come home after a good day of doing all I can. I know I am making the most out of the Lord's time. 

This week was a week of miracles regarding working with members. We had the opportunity to go contacting with Ondra who just got married on Saturday and stayed behind after a branch meeting to do building tours with us. He is such an angel and his testimony really added the spirit even more so to our street lessons. We also just had so many members who were willing to help us teach and I am so grateful for their help. They make a big difference. 

This week we got to meet with Radka again and teach her about the Restoration. She brought her one year old grandson, so Sister Taylor kept him busy while I got to meet with Radka and teach her all about Joseph Smith and the church being restored. She shared her testimony with me about how she can see that the gospel is blessing her and helping her to come closer to God and it was such a tender mercy for me. I felt the spirit strongly as she shared that with me. 

A member in trebic named Sestra Prohazka that has been a member for 67 years since yesterday!! She is an angel!!

Those we are teaching are progressing slowly but surely and the hardest part right now is helping them to come to church. They just say it is too early or when they say they are coming, they don't. I am learning to be patient! 

We had a funny experience this week with the Elders when we all went to visit a man I met on the street who had met with missionaries over 20 years ago, after he went to a yoga. He decided to teach us some yoga and only Elder Trythall volunteered to do the moves. It was a funny sight! I was in tears of happiness! I love finding moments every day to laugh! They are so important! 

I am excited to have the best Czech Christmas ever this year since we will probably be doing it all by ourselves!  There are so many traditions and things we are going to try and it will be great!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

s laskou, 

Sestra Manners 


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