Friday, December 2, 2016

Letter: 28 November 2016

​Dear All,

This week has been full of goodness and gratitude! Being a missionary truly is the best thing ever! I just have found myself this week wanting to take every opportunity we have to talk to others. I just love it! I have found that the more i strive to love those around me, the more I am able to help them. 

We have been meeting some wonderful people on the buses and as we travel to and fro and although they are not always ready to jump in the baptismal font (that would be really funny if one day this week we meet someone like that! I'll start praying for it), but we have been able to connect with others and help them in extraordinary ways. 

One of my highlights from this week happened when we got to visit Trebic yesterday. I loved being able to see many of the members and visit with them. They have already stolen my heart. We decided to go to young women's and be with Terezka and Marketa, twins. They are both amazing young women and have been preparing to go on mission in two years time.

So as we were visiting members yesterday all day long with the members, the Elders got a phone call from the Hozarovi family, asking if they could come give a blessing to Brother Hozarovi's mother, who is not a member. We went straight away and when we arrived, she was very quiet and not quite sure what would happen. We started with a prayer and the elders did a great job explaining what a blessing is. she does not really believe in God but knows something is there. They gave her a blessing and as they finished I opened my eyes to see this lady with tears rolling down her face. I knew that she felt God's love for her. She said that she felt something different and we were then able to have a spiritual conversation about a lot of different aspects of the gospel, including the plan of salvation and the Book of Mormon. Her heart had been softened and it was such a tender mercy. It really reminded me of when Ammon teaches the king in the Book of Mormon (see Alma 18). As we go forward in faith and act as Christ would, doors will be opened and hearts will be softened and together with our friends and those we come to love, we can come closer to our Lord and king.

I love my mission!

s laskou,

sestra Manners 

Here are some photos of my district and our Thanksgiving meal (prepared by myself and Sister Taylor!) 

From left to right we have Elder Swink from Logan Utah, Elder Plewe from Colorado, Elder Trythall (our district leader) from California, Elder Murley from Canada, then myself and Sister Taylor!

I couldn't find a turkey so we cooked two chickens!

Thanksgiving Dinner is served!

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