Monday, December 5, 2016

Letter: 5 December 2016

Dear all,

This week has been so good! I have come to the conclusion that time is never going to slow down so I must just speed up a little. I now love to speed walk in between contacting people and it keeps me so excited to talk to people. Sometimes I feel like a magic bullet as I just look out amongst the streets of Jihlava to find people we can share our glorious message with about Christ. It is also keeping us in shape for all the Christmas cookies that are coming our way! I am so excited!! I have been keeping my eyes out all day long to see the little angels and demons that will be flooding the Czech nation over the next 24 hours for Saint Nikolas day.

We have started to use the Christmas video like it is air here and it is working so well! We just love talking to people on the namesti and inviting them in to the chapel for three minutes to watch the video and it is going great! We even found a new investigator just this morning by doing building tours. He is a young man named Lukas that said he is not here very often and I almost walked past him but I just felt prompted to talk to him and without even thinking I found myself walking quickly over to him to ask him a question and we ended up having a wonderful spiritual lesson in the chapel. I love what happens when we go to the edge! Missionary life is the best!!! 

We also did a singing display this week since it is finally time to pull out the Christmas section of our zpevniky and sing a good Czech tune. We were trying to sing a chrsitmas song called "Chtic aby spal" and we did not know the tune so I just walked out and found a young woman that could hep us and she sang it there and then with me on the street while waiting for the bus! I loved it so much! It made her smile and it made me smile and I love helping others to leave with a smile on their face. 

We also talked to some policemen and a lady that worked on the market stalls and they were both very nice! We are building our relationship with the community quite well!

This week there was a man named Petr that came up to sestra Taylor during English class and asked if we could meet so he can come to know God even more. Of course we said yes and met with him the following day! He is great and really wants to come closer to God.  He gave us the coolest analogy. The only way you can get to New York is by airplane with a pilot. And then he followed by saying that he wants to get to God and is looking for what the airplane is and the pilot. He said he knew the airplane was baptism. It was so great!! We had a really spiritual lesson about baptism and we invite him to take a flight to god. That was how we invited him to be bapsited and he accepted!! People really are being prepared all the time! 

We also were able to visit our dear sweet friends Jarka and Erik this week. They really warmed my heart when we saw that they were preparing presents to give to orphans as part of a charity project here in the city. They are so Christlike! They also came to the relief society activity we had here this Friday and loved it. They are being prepared for the gospel slowly but surely. They are so wonderful! Erik asked if he could say the prayer and did a great job! 

We also met with Petra this week who has been a member for two years. she asked us if we could meet and I was so excited because we have been wanting to build our relationship with her. Little did we know that she prepared a spiritual thought for us! She is so sweet! She has a friend who comes to church almost weekly so we are trying to build our relationship with her so that we can start teaching her friend. Prayer has been key!

I love my mission with all my heart!

s laskou,

sestra Manners 

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