Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Letter: 23 July 2015

23 July 2015

Hello everybody! 

My time is flying by! I've already served a month of my mission! I only have 17.5 left!!!! That is just mind-blowing to me since it feels like I got here yesterday. I'm running out of time to type so I'm listing everything out this time (please know that I still love you the same!) 

- My parents celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary this week! Go Mom and Dad! Woohoo! Blahopreji!

Mom and Dad 20 July 1991, Manti, Utah!  Don't they look soooo young!

- My STL interviews went well. I had to chastise someone so that was hard but I know that as I say things with love and care that it will be received well. I think I actually got more out of learning about the sisters and helping them than they did! And prayers really are answered! I know the more you put your trust in the Lord, the more he will bless you and help you. 

- I have incredible teachers here! Don't be surprised if you find out that I end up teaching here after my mission!

- I hit my month mark today!!! I think I'm going to celebrate by eating ice cream! 

- I got hit in the head and knocked over by a frisbee while doing yoga this week. It was like a movie scene and had me in stitches all day long (that's an English term for laughing... I didn't need real stitches thank goodness!) 

- Read talks by Mary Ellen Edmunds. She is awesome!!! 

- My personal study is my favorite part of the day! I am learning so much and I know that my prayers are being answered through scriptures! Please read from the word of God every day. It will change your life! 

- Also look up a letter about Elder Accairdi... it will change your life too! 

- I took my first Czech assessment test this week and did REALLY WELL!!! I know that as I rely on the Lord, the Lord is helping me turn my weaknesses into strengths. 

- I met one of me heroes! Stephanie Nielsen. She has a Mormon message so look her up! I mentioned to her how much my roommate Camille loves her and Stephanie is hoping to bump into her soon! 

- I had so much fun hosting this week! I took care of five sisters! All headed to serve the Lord around the world :) Missionary work is amazing! 

- I sit in a classroom for 10 hours each day and yet I have never been so happy to work and study and be happy! Amazing miracles happen when you rely on the Lord. Never forget to ask him what his opinion is through prayer. Just like me, he loves getting (knee) mail from you! 

Remember that you are loved and cherished! Read Joshua 1 :) 

I love you all! Thank you for your support and prayers 

Sestra Manners 

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