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Letter: 30 July 2015

30 July 2015

Hello Everybody!

I hope all is well! I have hit my halfway mark in the MTC! Crazy! I'm slowly forgetting that I had a life outside of the MTC but it's all worth it! I see so many miracles every day and sometimes I am even a part of them!

Well not much has changed here. Same old classes for 10 hours a day, lots of prayers, the same food (I dream of home-cooked food sometimes) and the same missionaries. I finally found someone that leaves after I do so that was rather exciting! :)  

All Sisters in Reilly's District
This week:

- We sang a really awesome rendition of "A Child's Prayer" with a soloist and a choir of the MTC presidency's children and I was smack dab on the screen and didn't even realize until my branch presidency told me afterwards!  I love singing so much! It really is an incredible way in which we can praise God. In a few weeks I have the opportunity to sing for the Nashville Tribute Band (look them up! It's worth it!) as their choir for a performance they are doing here. There will be about 600 other people in the choir but I'm still excited!

- There are a ton of ASL (American Sign Language) missionaries here and I love it! It is amazing to see the expressions on their face and to feel the Spirit even though they cannot speak. I am really considering going into special education now!

Walk with missionaries and the wives of our Branch Presidency
- I got to host again! But this time we were in charge of traffic control. I got to wear a yellow vest, use a walkie-talkie and smile and wave at people. I'm practically working at Disneyland right now ;) The funny part is waving and telling people to have a nice day as they drive away weeping after dropping their kids off for 2 years.... I guess it's heartbreaking too but it's definitely a sweet goodbye!

- I watched a Russian Mormon Message and understood it!!  Holla!  I've decided Czech is Russian with the Latin alphabet :) 

- Companionship Inventory is important!  Miracles happened this week!  After being so quiet, my comp finally opened up to me and it has changed our relationship for the better! lesson learned: just wait and listen to others and they will eventually trust you and open up to you. 

Sister Boza and Sister Manners
- I love personal study! I am reading scriptures in a way I have never read/ thought of them before and loving it! Take notes, think of scriptures from someone else's perspective. It will change they way you study!

MTC Laundry, biggest I have ever seen!
- I found the laundry lost and found this week. It is a HUGE pile of socks and had me in stitches for a long time! 

Sister Boza finds a lost baby sock in the laundry Lost and Found
- I got to watch a talk called "Missions Are Forever" by Elder Holland and it was awesome!

I had a great week and am looking forward to week 6!!!  I would love any advice :)

Thank you for your support, love and prayers. You are in mine!

Scripture of the week: Alma 26:27

Love you all! Don't forget how much your Father in Heaven loves you!

Mam rada,

Sestra Manners 

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