Thursday, August 6, 2015

Letter: 6 August 2015

6th Aug 2015

Dear all,

Thank you for your support, encouragement and kind words! This week was incredible. Yes, it was tough but I grew a lot and am so grateful for every single experience that I had. Now please don't be worried about me. I am fine. I say tough because of a quote our MTC president's wife told me: 'there is little growth in a comfort zone and little comfort in a growth zone' which is so so true!  And I am so glad that my mission isn't supposed to be comfortable so that I can grow! 

All the Sisters in my Zone

So here's a run down of this week since there is sooo much goodness that happened:

- We translated the song "Called to Serve" from Czech into English as a class successfully and now singing it means that much more!

Elders doing dental surgery

- The Elders learned how to use their name tags as musical instruments... now we have a choir of kazoos. I thought I left my four brothers at home but now I have 8 brothers and 1 sister!

 - We had a little cold epidemic in our district but now we are on the road to recovery and I am proud to say that I haven't coughed yet today! Woohoo! I once sounded like my lung was falling out so that has been a big improvement.. thanks for the prayers!

- I should explain how teaching at the MTC works: we teach our teachers and fellow missionaries that act as someone they know or knew that is investigating the church. The conversion is still real and we still teach by the Spirit and I love it!

The beautiful Provo Temple

- I had my last testimony meeting in English!

- MTC cabin fever is real... sometimes I feel like I am never going to leave this place and other days it feels like I got here yesterday... I will never truly understand time

- My comp and I have become super close and it's a miracle and I love it! Prayers really are answered! 

- Elder Russel M Nelson and Sheri Dew spoke to us this past week! I will make sure to type up my notes some time soon! It was amazing! Elder Nelson's devotional was broadcast to all other MTC's so I got to sing in the choir and was apparently on the screen! So that means Matt got to see me as a missionary! It was such a sweet day!

-  We taught a family in the Czech Republic via Skype yesterday and I loved it! The spirit was so strong and they understood my broken Czech! The gift of tongues is real! And hearing a nine year old boy pray in Czech was incredible!

- I only have two more weeks here! Flight plans come next week Friday!  Ahhh!!

- There are barely any girls in our residential building since everyone is living in the new building again (where we started) so we live in a ghost town and love i! No shower lines = miracle!

I love you all and am so grateful for you! Keep doing what you are doing :) and read Alma 26:16 because that is how I feel sometimes! And I love it!

Love ya!

Sestra Manners

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