Saturday, August 29, 2015

Letter: 29 August 2015 - First Week in the Czech Mission

29th August 2015

Hello everybody!

My flights were long but good and I sat with the same set of Elders for most of my flights (Elder Newman and I were flight buddies so I taught him how to speak with a British accent and it was very entertaining!).  

I've arrived here safe and sound.

Guess where I am serving?

PRAHA!!!! (aka Prague)  I am sooo excited! I just about cried when my President told me that I would be serving here. I have been hoping I would serve in Prague and Matt guessed it right from the start :) I love it here! I don't think I can say that enough. 

My first Czech Meal!

I barely understand anything and struggle to speak super well but people are so patient and kind (they sound kind... I have no idea what they are saying half of the time). I adore it! Being a greenie in Prague is a dream come true! 

Me, my companion (Sister DuBois in the middle) and a recent convert of hers (Sister Donaldson taught her!!) today, Saturday, as we discovered Prague and used the Metro)

My trainer is Sister DuBois (who was actually trained by one of my teachers.. shout out to Sister Donaldson!) and she is amazing! I love her already and she has taught me so much!  

My first apartment (Note name "Residence Babylon"!).  It is huge!
I am also getting used to the city life, using public transport and eating city food all the time is my life now :)


Praha is a dream come true and I feel right at home, as if I were back in Germany besides a few new foods and a completely different language. It is such a beautiful city and I am constantly amazed by all that I see. We went on a walk around the city when we first got there and, although I was partially out of it after traveling for over 24 hours, it was beautiful (be prepared for a bombardment of photos... I apologize in advance). I know this is the mission I am supposed to be in and I love the people I serve already! 


The most common question I get during contacting is why I ever decided to come to Prague and it is awesome! I basically teach the first lesson during street contacting and it's wonderful! Thank you for all those have supported me and taught me so much! It really has helped :)

I actually teach people from all around the world in Czech, English and German! (German has been a definite help and I loved surprising my trainer when we contacted and ran into a German family that didn't speak Czech or English). I have also met a few people that my MTC teachers taught and love it! Missionary work is amazing!

Jet lag has definitely been a killer, I am constantly on the verge of falling asleep in lessons and whilst studying but it's getting better :)

Shortly after our arrival in Prague

I know that Heavenly Father lives and loves us and is so proud of us when we make righteous choices and follow His Son's example. I know that my testimony is growing each day as I work hard and strive to be an example of the name I wear close to my heart. I love you all and am so grateful for your support. Never forget who you are!

Scripture of the week: John 7:17 

Mam rada!

Sestra Manners

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