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Letter: 13 August 2015

13th August 2015


I LEAVE THE MTC IN 11 DAYS!!!!!! I hope you can sense my excitement! Because I am sooo excited!! We get our flight plans tomorrow and then the next few days will fly by! As will my mission. I cannot believe that I only have 16.5 months left! Time truly does fly by! 

Well I know I promised notes from Elder Nelson but yet again I have next to no time so I'll just give you some highlights: 
- We should make the most out of the blessings we have been given
- Being on a mission = being on a journey to become more like the Lord
- As he left the building he put his fist in the air, winked and told the nearby crowd to 'go get 'em!' 

Sheri Dew also spoke to us recently and mentioned that alcohol in the Czech republic is cheaper than water! 

We sing as a branch/ zone each Saturday and this Saturday I started off the songs! Which is a biggie for me! Except I sang the wrong tune to 'Ye Elders of Israel' but everyone else trusted me and sang along.. it was really funny! 

We got to go off campus to the north of MTC chapel and it was gorgeous! I didn't realize then but I do now that that was probably the last chapel I will have been in for the next 17 months since most chapel buildings in my mission are simple rooms (my mission home and branch center are the same building). We were there to practice for singing with the Nashville Tribute Band this upcoming Sunday and I am soooo excited! We are their back up for 'John's Song' and 'I Was Born' and I am sooooo excited! They are the first band so play at the MTC and it's probably the only time there will be a concert of sorts with drums and guitars in the MTC! 

With Elder Belnap, Matt's cousin!
I have realized the cause of my constant knots in my back... they are from praying and studying the scriptures all the time! But it's a noble sacrifice and I don't mind it :) 

I love my new study method! I now dissect scriptures and it looks like those articles in the New Era and I love it! (I took a picture of one but we will see if you can read it!) 

I had to take a language assessment test again this week! I was sooo worried about it and praying beforehand really helped! I could feel a sudden calmness and peace as I took it and although my Czech wasn't and never will be perfect, I know that teaching by the Spirit is incredible! 

I also get to go on another temple trip to Salt Lake City tomorrow! All internationals get to go (thanks for the UK citizenship dad!) and my comp and I get to go together and are excited!! Look out for a bunch of foreign missionaries on temple square tomorrow morning! 
That's all for now folks! 

Read Philippians 1 & 2 and notice how it is all about missionary work! I loved it! 

Mam rada! 

Sestra Manners 

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