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Letter: 9 July 2015

9 July 2015

Hello everybody!

This week was amazing! I know that I am growing so much!

The gift of tongues is so real! I am learning so much and can now teach 40 minute lessons with my companion without notes :)

We are no longer a trio since we had a Polish sister join us and now we consider ourselves a quad companionship. Sister Sloan is from St. George and is the most incredible artist!

Outside the Provo Temple
Here's the run down of things that happened this past week:

- We finished teaching our first investigator and he ended up being our teacher! But he gave us really good advice and I did a lot better than I thought I did! I teach completely in Czech and sometimes the translation lags since I flick through my =dictionary a lot but I am learning to rely on the spirit and I love it!

- I have so much time to study and I love it! I am learning more and more about my purpose as a missionary and have a book full of notes and quotes already!

- I have opened up a little beauty boutique of sorts to the sisters in my residence and do eyebrows and hand massages as a way to serve and love it! It gives me the opportunity to get to know others and has answered my prayers in so many different ways

- We celebrated fourth of July with a Devotional. My comp and i GOT TO CARRY OUR MISSION FLAG FOR PART OF IT. (sorry for the caps lock... I'm trying to type fast!)

Cleaning the classrooms
- I loved fast Sunday! And I have not had any headaches at all since my first week here! Such a miracle! Exact obedience really does bring miracles!

- I loved being in choir! We sing every Tuesday Devotional and there are about 700 missionaries in the choir. Our director is brother Egget and he tells us little stories about the hymn every time. This week I learned about John Taylor. I really suggest learning more about him because he is amazing!

When companions match and try to be urban...

- We taught our second investigator yesterday and the lesson went really well. We completely taught by the Spirit and I didn't use any notes at all! It was definitely funny when I had to say things a few times since I got the pronunciation wrong but I loved it! and I already love our investigator :) Praying for him is such a strength!

- A cold broke out in my district and few of us suffered. I overcame it eventually (thanks for sending me out with so many meds and vitamins mom!) but my district Leader and good friend (Matt's old roommate) Elder Newman suffered. I gave him some acetaminophen to help him and it made him a little too happy! It was pretty funny and luckily he is feeling better now.

- So my companions speaks Spanish as her first language, German as her second, English as her third and Czech as her fourth. this makes life pretty funny. I'm constantly trying to help translate little words for her and her English is better than my Czech will ever be! But the other day she saw an Elder laying on a bench to study and said: He looks like he is lying on the .... oh I don't want to swear but he's laying on the beeeeeeeeeaaach." It was pretty funny. I love her so much! I finally have a big sister and her language ability is helping me learn much faster than I thought I would! I am so grateful for her!

Sister Guillan has a collection of mustaches and shared them with me!

I know that our Heavenly Father loves us more than we will ever be able to understand. He has created a beautiful plan for us and we are so blessed as we communicate in prayer to Him.

My favorite quote this week was: " Just as vital as what you do... is who you are.."
Remember who you are and why you are here on earth!

Also czech out Alma 26:12

I love you! (Mame rada)

Sestra Manners

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