Monday, October 26, 2015

Letter: 26 October 2015

Hello everybody!

You probably think I got transferred because I am writing this on a Monday instead of the usual Saturday but no.. I am still here and in love with the fact that I get to spend Christmas in Prague! The city is absolutely gorgeous with all these colors and I love the fact that it is now cold enough to wear cardigans all the time! Kazdy den!

Well this week was a little longer than the usual but some amazing things happened! I love missions! You really have no idea what will happen in the week but you go forward in faith. Just like transfers, Every nine weeks I have no idea where I will be headed next or with whom it will be but I wait for that call from my mission President (this time it was simply one of the assistants telling me where I am going after the baptism we had and I loved it!). This week has been wonderful and it was filled with lots of visits to members and things to help sister DuBois get ready to go home this week.  

For the next nine weeks I am serving with the sweetest sister ever!  Her name is Sister Daugirda and she is from Salt Lake City. She is in her last transfer and just came from a little tiny town that my trainer started in!  We are very similar and she is super sweet! I am really excited for all that we have ahead of us! 

Sister Daugirda and Sister Manners

We had another baptism this last week! Our Muslim investigator got baptized! He out of everyone we are teaching did I least expect to be getting baptized this transfer and we are still in awe that it happened! I think Heavenly Father really taught me to look at others and see their potential rather than where they are now.

Contacting really helps me to focus on others. This week we contacted near a shopping mall and I wasn't having much luck talking to people and this middle aged man in a trench coat noticed and walked towards me and I was praying he wouldn't try to hurt me! He asked me if I spoke Czech (I was contacting about our English classes) and then proceeded to tell me that he had a present for me that would cheer me up (I didn't think I looked upset but I was grateful he noticed me and what I was trying to do). He then pulled out a book that looked like he had just bought and handed it to me. I asked him why he didn't want it and he told me it was too heavy for him to read but he thought I might like it (It is a Czech book about finances). It made my day! It was such a funny little story and it made me grateful that others notice how hard we are working. His name is Peter and he disappeared shortly after but for that little time he was an angel for me!

Well I have so little time and so much to tell! Prague really does keep me busy thought and I love it! So many adventures and stories and experiences! I barely have enough time to write it all down as it is! But this week we had zone conference with half of the mission. It was amazing! It is always such an uplifting experience. President McConkie truly is amazing! He has challenged us all to read the Book of Mormon and finish it by Christmas Eve (that is 8 pages per day!). And I also challenge you to do that, too! I know it will bring great strength to your lives and help the Czech Slovak mission a lot!

Heavenly Father really does hear your prayers and answers them. I am just starting to learn that even little prayers in our hearts are heard and answered! And I can see how every moment of me day. Coming on a mission was the hardest decision I have ever made. But it is also the best decision I have ever made. I am learning so much about myself, my Savior and life in general.

You are all amazing and I thank you for your support and kindness.

I love you!

Sestra Manners


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