Saturday, December 5, 2015

Letter: 5 December 2015

"Who kneels before God can stand before anyone"


It seriously is so amazing and with every passing week that flies by in the matter of what feels like seconds, I am seeing more and more why I was called to serve here. The people I meet and teach have become a part of my life that will never be inseparable. I am having the most spiritually uplifting lessons with people who once never believe that God existed and are now preparing for baptism! Miracles are happening each day!

I am feeling the spirit so strongly as a testify to others no matter the language or situation. On the street, in a warm room or on the metro. If the spirit prompts me to testify and I act upon it, it really helps to soften hearts. I am so amazed each day at the experiences I am having with the Spirit and I love them!

One of Prague's many Christmas Markets
I cannot believe that Christmas is soo soon! Three weeks! We are so excited and are eagerly preparing! So is Prague! There are stands everywhere with all sorts of yummy smells and we are thoroughly enjoying all sorts of little treats during our lunch hour. One of my favorites is Trdelnik! It is sort of like a cinnamon roll but it is rolled out dough, wrapped around a pole and baked over an open flame fire and then covered in sugar, almonds, vanilla and cinnamon and then the inside is usually spread with Nutella! Soooooo good! Definitely look up what they are because they are amazing!
Christmas packages under the tree!
I love my mission so much! I am in awe of my calling. I get to represent the Savior each and every day! There is no greater calling! I am literal evidence of the restoration! 

So we finished Family Home Evening and finished a lesson and were heading towards the metro to go home with some Young Single Adults. And we see all these people come up the elevators and hear that the metro's down because someone jumped in front of the train (which was really weird because we had just talked about how we never hear that happening and then it happened). So we head back up the elevator and run into the Morgans (our other senior missionary couple) and we were going to help them get home. And then this man that noticed the Morgans comes up and tells us that he is going to help us get home safely (the city was madness since there was a football game and a bunch of drunk people everywhere... it was like 9 o'clock which feels like midnight for missionaries). This guy walked a little ahead of us all and didn't really talk to us but he got us safely home to where we needed to be, completely leading us away from all sorts of dangerous things. We went a way home that we had never gone before and we would have gotten soo lost without this kind man. And when he got us to a safe place (a few stops from home but we knew where we were) he just disappeared. It was crazy! But such a miracle! After talking with the Morgans and the Holts about it, they are all really convinced that it was an angel. Since people are not that kind here or so well dressed or like that at all. It was pretty amazing now that we look back on it and it really truly was a miracle that we got home!

I love you so much and am grateful for your examples, kindness and prayers. I hope you have a wonderful week and remember why you are grateful that Christ was born (sis D and I tell each other one reason every day... it is an advent calendar of sorts and I love it!).

S laskou,

Sestra M

Sister Daugirda's Grandparents spent a couple of days with us!

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