Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Letter: 30 May 2016

There is sunshine in my soul today, more glorious and bright!

The gospel is glorious! And we are shining even brighter with all this sunshine and the gospel combined! It has been a wonderful week and I absolutely adore being a missionary.

We ran into some tourists when we were visiting Hluboke today (the beautiful white castle that reminds me of a temple... I love it!) and they asked us why we decided to give up a year and a half of our lives and be here. And I thought of all the reasons why I am here and simply answered: "Because I love Jesus Christ."  Because although I am here for so many wonderful reasons and I find a new one every single day, I know I am here because I love my Saviour. I know that it is because of Him that all things are possible and I love Him for all that He has done for me.

This is the oldest member of our branch!

Life is incredible because of Him and every day I can show Him how grateful I am by trying to be just a little bit better and a little more like Him. And the wonderful thing is that as I try to do that more, the more I love Him.

I know that this church is true and that the gospel is a pure gift from God. W need to use it to our fullest! It will bless our lives forever as we simply live by its teachings and love God.

This week we had a really wonderful lesson on the street with a man and his son as we waited to go surprise visit a family with the elders. He simply asked us how he could come to know Christ more and didn't really understand why we had the Book of Mormon. Right there and then we started to teach him about the restoration and testified of Christ and I could feel this overpowering feeling of peace and happiness come over me, both ion my head and in my heart and I just knew that that was the spirit working through us to testify the truthfulness of this message to this young man. We were able to help him identify the spirit as well and it completely changed his behaviour.  I know that the gospel has that power to change each and every one of us because God loves us.  We are His beloved children with the potential to become like Him.

We then afterwards got to visit a dear sweet family that we are helping the elders to teach. They are a young mom and dad with three kids under three. We had made dinner for a less-active member who was not home so we decided to still carry out our act of service and visit them. This family has already changed so much because of the gospel and I love walking into their home and being able to feel the spirit more and more each time. This work is so true and is the greatest work we can ever do!

I love being a missionary. I know I was called of God by a living prophet today to serve here in the Czech Republic and help to bless these incredible Czech people that are loved by their Creator and Father in Heaven.

Ja vim, že žije Spasitel. On vás miluje. Ježíš je Kristus.

S láskou,

Sestra M

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