Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Letter: 18 July 2016

We got a call from president Monday evening asking us to come to Prague so that sister Boza could have an interview for a radio station and I got to be on exchanges with the sisters while we were there! 

This week overall was wonderful. We definitely were not expecting to end up spending part of the week in Prague on exchanges! 

Before coming to Prague, we had the opportunity to teach with sestra Prazakova and she also brought her two daughters, Jitunka and Katka (It was Katka's first time teaching with the sister missionaries... she is only 12 years old but she loved it and is already planning to go on a mission so this was the perfect experience for her to have). We taught our dear sweet friend Andrea that sestra Boza had met just a few weeks ago. We were very careful with her because she had told us that she didn't want to meet with us anymore because it just all caused her to think too much. Having a Czech member there was perfect! Sestra Prazakova answered all of her questions that we didn't quite understand and Andrea got really excited to keep learning and meeting with us. She has a young son and a boyfriend and we have already talked to them about getting married! (She was more excited than her boyfriend but it is a step in the right direction).

Beautiful Pradubice

Being in Prague was a dream come true. I absolutely love that city and have had many spiritual experiences there that warm up my heart. I loved being back and seeing how much the area had grown as well as myself. 

The following day, I got to be on exchanges with Sestra Fredrickson, something I have been wanting to be able to do with her ever since I first met her! I loved it! She is an absolute rock star of a missionary. I really felt like I learned how to be more urgent as we never stopped talking to people on the metros and trams that we rode on. She really knows how to be bold and get to know people very quickly (She would ask everyone for their name and introduce them to us).  She is exactly what Sestra Hill needs right now and she intends to focus on her and building up their mission area as well as possible. She also thanked me for being the best trainer for Sestra Hill which was really nice to hear because training her was definitely a handful but the best experience ever. I hope I get to train again! 

Sports activity with the youth and young adults

Overall I feel like I learned so much more than what I taught our dear sweet C'Bud sestricky and I am so grateful that we got to have exchanges with them. It was definitely inspired for us to go when we did! 

I know that this work is true and that the Lord loves us and knows us individually. Never forget your divine potential. You are the child of a King!

S laskou,

sestra Manners 

P.S. Adventure of the week was a suddenly leaking water heater on Sunday morning....

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