Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Letter: 1 August 2016

Dear all,

I love the spiritual experiences that we have on this earth which remind us of our divine potential. 

We had the most amazing lesson on Tuesday when we taught a referral we had found in the phone called Desmund. Desmund is from Ghana and is studying economics here. He comes from a christian background and had heard of us as Mormons before when he lived at home. We had no idea what to expect adn we didn't even know his name before our meeting but it was such a highlight for me. 

We simply taught him about the Book of Mormon and had a very basic how to begin teaching lesson following the points from Preach My Gospel. Honza was there and he would listen and comment and teach with us. Then Honza simply turns to Desmung and asks him how he feels the spirit since it is the spirit that will be the converter in all that we teach. It made us all ponder deeply and think upon our personal conversion story. I felt the spirit testify so strongly as we taught and it felt as if Desmund really understood what we were teaching with him. The lesson became a source of spiritual goodness for us to rely upon during the week and I have had my testimony of the importance of the Spirit strengthened. I know that the promise in Moroni 10 verse 5 is true!

As we remember our spiritual experiences and rely upon them as sources of strength, I know that we can do all things.

I also got to go on exchanges with Sestra Heap in Mlada Boleslav, visit Kutna Hora with our district again and have a fantastic week.  The Lord is so tender in His mercies to us!

The gospel is true!

S láskou,

Setra Manners


 P.S. This cathedral is amazing and includes things made from human bones.  You may remember I visited it last year.


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